Elixir Paris Meetup #24 @Ecole 42

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Elixir Paris Meetup #24

I organized the Elixir Paris Meetup #24 at noc 42 in Paris with the help of Nicolas Talfer.

The Talks

We had two talks during the meetup.

Talk 1: Writing NIFs with Rustler

The first talk was presented by me, focusing on writing Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) using Rustler. Check out the slides.

Talk 2: Unit Testing in Elixir - Tips and Tricks

The second talk was delivered by Nicolas Talfer, covering valuable tips and tricks for unit testing in Elixir. Check out the slides and the repository.

The Live Stream

For the first time, the Elixir Paris Meetup was broadcasted live on Twitch. Although the sound quality needs improvement, we are optimistic about enhancing the experience in future streams.

The Afterwork

We organized a crowdfunding campaign to buy drinks and food for the afterwork session, and it was a success. My lovely wife helped prepare kimbap for everyone, and our alchemists' team set up trays beautifully.


Organizing this meetup was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Despite my lack of expertise in event organization, practice makes perfect, and I'm eager to do it again!

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