picture of me at work on my desk

I’m Baptiste Chaleil. I work and live in Paris.

I enjoy exploring the world through travel or tinkering with my ~dotfiles to enhance my workflow.

I have extensive experience with the Phoenix Framework and Absinthe the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir. My professional background includes working as the lead developer for a cashier SaaS app at evoluflor and being responsible for infrastructure and various projects at PandaScore, where I collaborated closely with the CTO.

In terms of project management, I employ Agile methodologies and use tools like Asana and Notion for organizing tasks and writing specifications.

In addition to my Elixir expertise, I am well-versed in JavaScript, Node.js, and the next.js framework. I stay up-to-date with industry trends and news by frequenting Hacker News regularly.

As a part of the Elixir community, I regularly attend Paris.ex meetups and have even been featured on an elixir podcast discussing an elixir tutorial series I wrote.

You can find my open-source projects on GitHub, and I occasionally answer questions on the Elixir Slack.

For my development environment, I use i3 or Pop!_OS, while docker is my go-to choice for server deployments.